20×28 Blue 4ply on .014 poly Sakurai 75 Coating Blanket

$ 94.99

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Product Description


Increase pressroom efficiency with our press-ready solution to flood and spot coating. 4-ply compressible material mounted with a very strong adhesive to high quality .014 polyester-mylar, which results in a durable and long-lasting coating blanket. The blanket is precision cut to exact standards to assure guaranteed fit on a 20 x 28 sheet.

Can be pre-punched for register pins, which allows for easy mounting and accurate positioning on combination type of coating cylinders.

Special surface treatment creates excellent transfer properties and minimizes ink back trapping.

Benefits over using cut packing under full size blanket with bars are:

Maximum relief results in sharp, crisp edges, allowing coating image closer to the edge of the sheet without the typical beads of coating that cause sticking.

Changing sheet sizes can be accomplished in minutes without the need of hard-to-position packing paper under blanket mounted on press with bars.

When tightening the coating blanket, the stress is on the polyester, not the blanket material, assuring accuracy to the press specifications.
Dramatic improvements in pressroom productivity are possible with the innovative features of North American Press Products strippable coating blankets.